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We provide radon mitigation services in Brighton, Thornton, Longmont, Arvada, CO and the surrounding area

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can get into your home through seams and cracks in floors and walls. Unfortunately, the odorless and colorless gas is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. When a radon test shows there are dangerous levels of radon in your home, contact Longs Peak Radon Mitigation, LLC.

We provide radon gas mitigation services in the Brighton and Longmont, CO area. Most homeowners we work with already know there is radon present in their home due to previous radon testing. If you require radon testing, we can provide those results for you.

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The radon mitigation process is fast and simple

The radon mitigation process is fast and simple

In most cases, the radon gas mitigation process takes three to four hours. It involves:

  • Radon testing to determine the level of radon in the air inside your home
  • Installing radon mitigation systems that provide ventilation to improve air quality
  • Reducing the radon level to safe numbers


Give your family peace of mind by scheduling radon gas mitigation in the Brighton, Thornton, Longmont & Arvada, CO area.